About Ky and Key

What does KyandKey mean?

A question which is asked often! People often think it must be two people nicknamed Ky and Key – NOPE. Then there is the pronunciation – some pronounce it kai and key others look to spell the first two letters K – Y and then say key. It’s actually pronounced Key and Key and the name comes from the two variations of how the word whisk(e)y is actually spelt. Depending on the region it is either spelt WhisKY or WhisKEY and it can become serious topic of conversation amongst some when discussing the spelling. On this site you will see it almost exclusively spelt Whisky as we are in Australia and if we were in the US we would spell it Whiskey (more on this another time).

Whisky Reviews

Big part of Ky & Key are the whisky reviews. I will review whiskies from my¬†collection, bars and those received from friends of Ky and Key. Over the years Ky and Key’s palate has come to pick up on the subtleties of whisky and all our whisky reviews cover the nosing (delicate aromas of the whisky), the palate (finely balanced tastes from sweetness to spice to fruitiness and also thickness) and the finish (the often soft after taste of a beautiful whisky). We will often review bars in particular those which have a large collection of whiskies so keep an eye out for those.

Corporate Whisky Tasting

Ky & Key hold whisky tastings throughout Sydney mainly for businesses looking to get closer to their customers, potential customers or reward their employees. We are also available for private whisky tasting throughout Sydney. Every now and then we will hold public whisky tasting at hotels, cafes and restaurants in greater Sydney. Click here to check out our whisky tasting packages.

Public Whisky Masterclass

Every now and then we will partner with local cafe’s and restaurants to hold Whisky Masterclass. A Ky and Key masterclass will educate, entertain and delight your whisky senses. Check back regularly to get updates on our upcoming Whisky masterclass events.

Want to Organise a Corporate Whisky Tasting Experience?

Get in touch today and let us tailor a whisky masterclass like no other.