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About Ky & Key

What is Ky and Key? From whisky reviews, bar reviews to corporate whisky tasting throughout Sydney. All our events are set up with our customers in mind. We take the time to understand where you are in your whisky journey before curating your custom whisky master class.

Or if you are a business we can set up a whisky tasting event designed to woo your existing and future customers.

Whisky Blog

Thinking of buying your next whisky and don’t know what to get? Reviews on whiskies, bars and images from my private collection are added here on almost a daily basis. Get whisky inspired now!

You will see my last 20 whisky reviews on this site. You can view my Instagram account kyandkey for hundreds’s of reviews.

What is Whisky?

Whisky is one of the fastest growing alcohol categories in the world but most people know very little about this golden nectar. I am here to change that one dram at a time.

Our What is Whisky page is all about showcasing the art behind making whisky and the passion with which each statement is created.

Let Ky and Key plan corporate or private whisky tasting in Sydney.
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